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About Glossy


We are a handmade luxury cushion brand with a lust for producing finer furnishings, essential in giving any home their bespoke final touches.
We understand that interior furnishings add huge individuality and personal style to your home.
We believe that cushions can add a significant amount of style, warmth and comfort in dressing any sofa or bedroom. 
Our bespoke brand uses expensive fabrics and textures to create your personal favourite cushion range. produce a limited amount of our collection each month. 


Every cushion is handmade to achieve our high quality finish and at a highly reasonable price, keeping in mind the expense furnishing a home can bring. 
We do provide a bespoke service so if you require a certain size in your favourite fabric, we will be sure to satisfy your request.
For any queries, email us at where we will be happy to advise.
Enjoy shopping with us!