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What is so special about Glossy Interiors ?

Good question we are not highstreet nor are we designer we are that luxury brand in between. Our cushions are handcrafted in the UK to the highest of standards and we only use designer premium fabrics.


How come your products are not restocked ?

On the rare occasion our products maybe restocked however we only use designer fabrics and like to keep them limited edition also for exclusivity. After all who wants the same cushions as everyone else right?.


Do you make bespoke cushions ?

Of course if you don't see a fabric or style that is perfect for your home please email . We welcome bespoke orders of any size and can source amazing fabrics for you please note the turnaround time for this is approximately 3 weeks. 


How long is your delivery time ?

Your special delivery will be with you in 7-16 working days from placing your order. 


Do you collaborate with Influencers ?

YES we love to, please email and we can provide more information on this!. 


How do you wash your products ?

We recommend to hand wash or dry clean only on al of our products.


Do you accept returns ?

No returns or exchanges are offered all products are bespoke made to order.