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Fibre Full Pillows

£13.00 GBP

Our fibre full pillows actually fill your pillowcases, for those that like a firm pillow this style will not need replacing anytime soon. Made bespoke by Glossy to our fabulous high quality standards.


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Jenny Fitzpatrick
Fibre Full Pillows

Love Them!
The comfiest full pillows…perfect for me as I’m allergic to duck feather pillows. The price is really competitive too, highly recommend *****

Lucia Robertson
The most comfortable pillows

I have struggled all my life to get a pillow that feels and looks full but one that does not feel so hard to sleep on yet maintaining some kind of fullness to protect my neck too. I decide to give glossy’s fibre full pillows a go and OMG I had the best sleep ever! My husband woke up in the morning and said he felt like he had slept on a cloud. Now not only does it feel good it also looks good and my pillow case is now not too big for my flat pillows I use to have. Thank you Glossy for another fabulous product ❤️

Perfectly Bouncy

Got two new pillows from Glossy rather than the usual high street shop I go to, and there is no comparison. Perfectly bouncy, breathable and don’t affect my allergies. I love that they still look as plump as the day I bought them.

Nicole bird
Love my new pillow

Exactly as described and possibly the best nights sleep I’ve had in ages. So fluffy and well worth the money!